Wines AOC of Tunisia

A very old legislation since 1942 relating to the VQPRD give rise to the seven zones of names of controlled origins:

AOC “Mornag Great wine”

The AOC is located at forty kilometers in the south of Tunis. This surface produces wines fleshy, velvety with the palates, generous and vigorous. The principal type of vine, the carignan, is associated with stronger types like the syrah or the cabernet-sauvignon. The rosy ones come from cinsault and grenache and the white of ugni white and rezzegui. They accompany well the dishes by meat and especially game: Mornag castle, Slopes of Carthage, Atlas Field, Field of Charmettes and Sidi Saâd.

These wines are sold to 4 million collars in Europe.

AOC “Mornag”

The AOC covers the major part of the Tunisian vineyard and extends on the areas from Grombalia and Takelsa until Korba in the east and Enfida in the south. Of share its surface, this zone presents aptitudes to produce red, rosy and white wines. The climate is drier there with a pluviometry going from 300 to 400 millimetres. This zone is bordered by the sea, which increases moisture and limit the variations in temperatures. This name is marked by the type of vine introduction ameliorative, which offers more a great choice for the development of reds, rosy and white balanced: Slopes of Mornag, Field of Ouzra, Kurubis Field, High Mornag, the Noble one of Mornag, Mornag Village, Magon and Vieux Magon.
These vigorous and powerful wines are very appreciated tourists.

AOC “Slope of Tébourba”

The second name of the country in surface produces single wines of characteristics. Thanks to its climate, this one produced of the wines equipped with single characteristics and a notorious prestige. This area produces red and rosy wines marketed under the names of Slopes of Schuiggui,

Slopes of Tébourba, Field of Lansarine and Tébourba Village.

AOC “Sidi Salem”

The AOC is located at about thirty kilometers in the south of Tunis. The ground is made of alluvia and gravel pockets. Annual pluviometry lies between 500 millimetres and 600 millimetres per annum. This area produces red and rosy wines which accompany game and meat the dishes well. They known under the names of Khanguet Castle, Castle Saint-Augustin, Slopes of Khanguet, Nepheris Field and Khanguet Village.

AOC “Kélibia”

The AOC is located at the point of the area of the course Bon being with 140 kilometers in the east of Tunis. It profits from a Mediterranean climate and its grounds are siliceous. The vineyard is only made up of only one type of vine, the muscatel of Alexandria, still called “muscatel of Kélibia”. The muscatel of Kélibia is fruity and dry and advisable either as aperitif or with roasted fish or seafood.

AOC “Thibar”

The AOC located at the Western North of Tunisia is under a continental climate influenced by an altitude where the winters are cold and hot summers with a pluviometric average of about 500 millimetres per annum. This production zone makes it possible to obtain red, rosy and white wines marketed under the following denominations: Closed of Thibar, Slopes of Thibar and Domaine of Thibar.

AOC “Slopes of Utique”

The AOC is located at forty kilometers in the north of Tunis and the South-western side of the area Bizerte. The ground is muddy there with falls, the vineyard being often in slopes and profiting from a good exposure. The wines of the area result from traditional type of vines associated in small proportion with ameliorative type of vines, giving them smoothness and velvety. The red and rosy wines are remarkably appreciated for their dresses, their smoothnesses of bouquet and their velvety with the palate. These wines are known under the names of Fériani Castle, Côteaux of Bizerte, Côteaux of Mateur, Côteaux of Utique and Domaine Karim.

Replanning of the AOC:

A study of replanning of AOCs was carried out in 2004 and led, after the superposition of the layers relating to the human factors and those with the natural factors, with the birth of 27 units of basic soil.

Project of superposition of the new zonal delimitation of the AOC with their corresponding UTB


Main operators of the wine sector

  • Wine cellar of Bouargoub
  • Cellar Valenza Wine storehouse
  • Cellar Néféris
  • Sucker Saint Augustin
  • Ceptunes cellar
  • Boukobsa cellar
  • Thibar cellar
  • Cellar S.I.C.O.B
  • Cellar Tardi saver
  • Cellar Driss Atrous
  • Kuribis cellar

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