Tunisian vine growing

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Monday, 15 December 2008

Tunisia has a long history and civilization related on the vine and the wine for several millenia. The vine and the wine are indeed part of the local cultural heritage.

Historically, the first plantations of the vine date from the punic period. Ancient mosaics represent the baring and the weeding of the vine, the pressing of the grape and the worship dedicated to the vine and the wine are still visible in the country museums.
001Thus, Carthage which was the attic of Rome was also its cellar.

The Tunisian wines were exported in almost all the countries bordering the Mediterranean. Five centuries before the Christian era, the wines of the Byrsa hill, in Carthage, were famous and prefered by the Romans than the Italian wines. This love strory between the Carthaginians and the wine remains until nowadays.

Tunisia includes surprising soils today, considered as belonging to the largest of the Mediterranean. Thus, very high-class wines are produced today in Tunisia.

002Since the beginning of the years 1990, the wine sector has noted the a significant modernization of the production equipment and processes, witch contributes to quality improvement .

Tunisia modernizes today its vine growing in partnership with foreign investors from several European countries : Eight mixed companies were created in association with french, german, italian an austrian companies.

Tunisia, founding member of the Vine and Wine International Organization, counts for more than 20 years seven controlled origin names. 70% of the marketed wines are of controlled origin names and 20% receive the first wine label.

The Tunisian wines win many medals in international competitions (Vinalies – Paris, World selection – Brussels, Challenge of the wines – Paris , Bacchus – Madrid, etc).

Morocco and France are the two principal Tunisian wine importers. Other importers are Belgium, Canada, China, Germany, Switzerland, the United States, and some countries of Eastern Europe and Asia. Russia is the first bulk wine importer.

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