The apricot

The apricot tree, originating in China where it has been known for 4000 years, is cultivated in Tunisia since strong a long time. It enters, with prunes and dates, in the traditional composition of winter and energy desserts. Scented fruit, refreshing, the apricot is one of the fruits easiest to taste fresh as cooked. Its very scented odor and its slightly acidulous savor enable him to decorate all the dishes sweetened as salted.
In Tunisia its culture succeeds in the hottest areas: Kairouanais and Sfax. It is also put up with the grounds of the Sahel. The principal production zone is the Center especially in Kairouan (known by the production of the varieties directed towards export such as Omar Leuch and the transformation such as Canino) and Kasserine.
The current varietal set, in Tunisia, is rather rich, being composed of sixteen varieties including nine early, five of season and two late spreading out during all of summer, is mid-April at the end of August. However most widespread are seven early varieties among which Ouardi, Sayeb and Amor Leuche are cultivated. These varieties present the characteristic marked to be very related to an area of production. Besides the early production presents 65% of the total production of the country.


Introduced new varieties of Europe and more particularly of France are currently cultivated in Kairouanais. A zone very favourable with the production of apricots and early plums. Within the framework of a very active partnership with foreign investors whom the institutional encouragements attract towards our country, several hectares were planted varieties such as Bergarouge, Orangered or Bergeron whose early production is completely intended for export. The choice of the grounds and the selection of the varieties were deciding factors in the success of such a project.

The exceptional quality of the fruit, result of the valorization of a know-how and the respect of the quality standards until the French and European consumers wait; and the facility of routing towards Europe have development assistance of the volumes exported towards France. Except this traditional market, the Tunisian apricot finds outlets multiple in Europe as in the countries of the Gulf.

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