The water melon

Like all the Mediterranean countries, Tunisia is a water melon producer country. This fruit smoothes and indéhiscent big size is very appreciated for its juicy pulp, refreshing, refreshing and whose superb bright red puts in appetite. On our premises, the water melon is declined in several varieties which are divided into Mediterranean water melons of the spherical shape with dress dark and uniform and out of oblong American water melons with marbled dress.

This fruit become a star for the tourists who satisfy themselves some as much as the sun and the sea, is same success abroad where it has been dispatched for a few years. New varieties with the varied forms appeared in the Tunisian agricultural landscape and made it possible to extend the calendar of the production to satisfy and the domestic demand and external.

The early varieties collected of at the end of April until June are generally cultivated in the center and the south of the country with Sidi Bouzid, Gabès, Kairouan and Zaghouan.
The zones of culture of the varieties of season collected of July until the end of September cover same the governorships and are spread out until Sfax, Séliana and Jendouba.

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