Phytosanitary protection

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Wednesday, 06 June 2007

GIFruits ensure the follow up of the sanitary state of the fruitful trees and organizes flight campaigns against diseases and parasites, which threaten the plantations in collaboration with the services concerned by the means of several programs and specific interventions.

  • GIFruits sets up an integrated campaign against the fly of fruit in the citrus plantations and proceeds chemically and biologically by applying Sterile Insects Technique (SIT).
  • GIFruits ensures leaf miner control campaign in the citrus fruits orchards in order to protect the young plantations and to provide them with the best conditions to enter product stage.
  • GIFruits proceeds to the production and multiplication of sterile insects in its insectarium in order to reduce the using of insecticides.
  • GIFruits takes part each year in the regional campaign against date mite and rodents in the oasis by providing required pesticides and equipments.
  • GIFruits possesses a sophisticated geographic Information System (GIS) enabling it to follow closely the natural phenomena and the main events in the different channels.
  • GIFruits manages a high technical station where plants are selected and cleansed according to the technique of microscopic vaccination in order to provide the producers
    with guaranteed plants of any viral diseases .

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