The citrus sector in Tunisia

Originating in South Asia East, the citrus fruits appeared very early in the Mediterranean. The Tunisian farmers were caught of passion for these shrubs with the gold fruits which marvelously acclimatized of course their soil.

The citrus fruits came from South-East Asia and appeared very early in the Mediterranean. The Tunisian farmers were caught of passion for these trees with a gold fruits which marvelously acclimatized with their soil.

Benefitting from an exceptional Tunisian climate (subtropical) Tunisian farmers, with their long tradition of impassioned gardeners inherited from Andalusian ancestors, developed their plantations.

More particularly adapted to the coastal and semi-continental regions of the country, where the harmful frosts of winter are exceptional, citrus fruit cultivation developed primarily in the the Cap Bon peninsula. In this area gathering all the favorable conditions (water resources, quality of the ground, qualified labor and sunning) were born rich savor fruits.

The southernmost part of the Cap Bon gathers the principal citrus fruits production centres: Nabeul, Menzel Bouzelfa, El Gobba, Niannou, Beni Khaled, Hammamet (very important center for the production of the lemon tree).

Main agrumicoles areas

Thedevelopment effort adopted since independence led to the increase in the commercial production and the improvement of its quality to satisfy the local market as well as that of export.

The quality procedures adopted by the Tunisian producer concerns suitable farming techniques, harvest of mature fruits and in the packing station, the identification to ensure the product traceability, in accordance with the consumer requirements .

In addition to the application of traceability system, several tools guaranteeing the respect of the international quality standards such as HACCP method, Eurepgap referential and BRC, ISO etc, are also adopted.

The Tunisian production of citrus fruits lasts from October to May, providing fruits belonging to the various groups.

Group citrus fruits

  • Group fair oranges without pips: Fair Maltese woman.
  • Group blood oranges without pip

    Maltese woman ½ Sanguine, Sakasli, Double fine, Tarocco.

  • Group blood oranges Tardive:

    Valencia Late, Maltese Balerin.

  • Group sweet oranges:

    Meski Ansli, Soft Maltese woman.

  • Group Navel oranges:

    Thompson Navel, Washington Navel, New Hall, Navelina, Navel Late, Lane Late.

  • Group clementines:

    Marisol, Caffin, Cassar, MA3, Hernandina.

  • Group tangerines:

    Tangerines commun run, Nova, Minneola, Fortune, Ortanique

  • Group lemons:

    Eureka, Lunari, Interdonato, Femminello, Monachello

  • Group pomelos:

    Marsh seedless, Ruby, Ruby Star

Calendar of maturity of the principal varieties of citrus fruits

The late fruits (mainly Maltese late and Valencia Late) can be preserved during July and June). Thus the consumption of citrus fruits is spread out over the ¾ year, from October at July.

Several varieties of these citrus fruits are required on the exterior markets such as Valencia Late and Lemon, but the Maltaise orange specific to the country remains the variety by far more the appraisal. Tunisia, is indeed, the first world exporter of Maltese Orange half blood with as principal destination France which receives more than 90% of exported volume.

With their long experience in the field of the export of citrus fruits started since the third decade of the 20th century and consolidated with the passing of years, the Tunisian exporters ground for the use of the international business, respectful of the medical and procedural requirements their foreign partners and forts of a harbor and airport infrastructure solid, ensure the delivery of the product under best the conditions.


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